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No more victim mentality

Razzy Schoolfield is with Randel Renaud.

June 14

I have noticed I have pulled away from what I use to call myself 'being an empath'. How that happened is by doing the inner work that triggered the victim mentalities inside me. I can observe now and stand strong in seeing other people's reality and not buying into it. This is big. I use to call for protection with Archangel Michael or put bubbles around myself to shield against so called negatives energies I thought I was observing or feeling. The more inner work I have done, for years now, the more all this started to fade. Which means it was real at the time, yet a believe system that has now changed. The word empath is our victim mentality trying to get our attention to come up for release. It served me well. Until it started to feel less empowering. When I first woke up I went from internalizing my feelings (asleep) to feeling everything I had internalized. That has faded by diving in and running and dealing with every issue that pops up! I have my own belief system and I don't allow any one else's into mine. We need absolutely nothing outside ourselves. Actually when I feel I do, it's a clue there lies the work. I fully still believe in angels, yet consciousness is ever evolving.

Absolutely truly, your Razzy