Razzy and Randel

Multidimensional living in the Quantum being of now!


In your session with us will cover:  

  • The explanation of the Ascension process

  • An explanation of the Lightbody and its current role

  • How to identify and manage upgrades to the physical form

  • Energy process systems and how they work/energy management

  • Discussion and answers to your questions and concerns regarding your own unique awakening process,  your inner work, and moving forward on your path



Get the Most out of Life


Going Quantum!

I was guided to Razzy for a session and I am so thrilled that I followed that intuition! I have felt stuck in certain areas regarding my vision for my business, and she just blew me away! Razzy's giggly fun and light heartedeness was what I needed to shift into my heart. She is deeply insightful with a wisdom and understanding of what we all need to transition successfully into this new multidimensional living . In my session, went right into the connections and actions I needed to embrace my 5D experience, and. she stayed with me until I fully integrated them to live as a 5D multidimensional Quantum being. I received so much information and insight in that call that I truly experienced a major shift. What a blast she is! I look forward to many more sessions with her and much growth for me and my business! With many blessings of love and gratitude, Dr. O'Conor

Dr. O'Conor

If you’re ready to be accelerated into the next phase of ‘now,’ then I highly recommend getting a Quantum 5D session with Razzy. I was guided to reach out to Razzy for a session and all I can say is WOW! I am still reeling and in complete awe of our session and am finding difficulty finding the appropriate words to do Razzy and Quantum justice. Everything she said completely resonated, validated, and confirmed everything that I have been through, am going through and will continue to experience. A new level of awareness, appreciation and perspective came into place for all that I’m experiencing. We are truly in for epic times as we move into a being of multidimensional living in the quantum being of now. I encourage you to take advantage of the amazing energy that is currently around; this is a game changer. Like paint on the canvas, layers upon layers are made, and at a glance you see the beauty of it all, but looking into the beyond there is a depth that is waiting for you to tap into. Come join us. Step through the portal.


Razzy is a fabulous Tour Guide Within the Quantum Energies of Now.
A Magical Mystery Tour within your own story, to discover or Re-Discover your Magnificence of Now.
Weather you are a already a Multidimensional Traveler, or wherever you are on your Journey, matters not! Razzy will take you there to see where you are stuck, or simply allow you to experience the Joy within the Quantum Energies of 5D. You may be surprised at what you discover as you take the lead to embrace your Self /Love at New or Higher level.
There is Only Love within these Higher Realms of Home. Our connection with Source.
Warning: Her Laughter is contagious! You may experience extreme Belly Laughs. Her laughter also has the Power to guide you back into the Quantum Field, if you wander off into Ego, or onto a path of an old story.
She will gently assist you through it by seeing how to transform that old story into something Better.
Enjoy The Journey into Self Love.
It is well worth the Ride!
Shiara Lightfoot

Shiara Lightfoot

I loved my session with Razzy just now!
Living in the Here and Now, discovering my Wall of Truth, Doing my Inner Work, all designed to bring me from 3d into 5d! I am honored and grateful for Razzy's support on my journey in 5d
Thank you Razzy!

KeyElle Lea

I enjoyed every minute of my session with Razzy. She helped me to understand why I feel blocked, and what to do to get through it. I didn't feel like she was speaking down to me. She explained my questions and concerns in a way I could understand. I highly recommend a session with Razzy if you're feeling stuck, depressed, lost, or whatever. Just do it, you'll be glad you did. Thanks a million, Razzy!
Dawn Jones

Dawn Jones

n AWE of Quantum 5.0!!

Do you think it’s possible that you can FEEL someone’s bright light in Texas instantly, all the way in CT? I now know there is NO limit to a distance or time... Boy oh boy do I have a testimonial for you!!!!

This morning’s call with Razzy changed my life! The energy, and words of wisdom (Tools for the Toolbox) instantly transformed my consciousness to a higher frequency. I have pages of notes of incredible guidance. Many concepts familiar, many more brighter and newer... her energy, love & inspiration created the ability for me to better integrate meaning & realize the importance of the NOW.

Still learning to express knowing so giving it my best shot here now. To summarize the pages of wisdom I have received from Razzy, I can tell you, from the first time you speak to her, she will help you integrate the understanding of what it means to be...
“Multi-dimensional, Living in the Quantum Be-ing of NOW” ...and she give you tools to BE successful in your purpose.

I was given Tools to identify my inner work, have been inspired TO and HOW to stay in my highest, quantum vibration while moving higher & shining brighter and much more... all in the first hour!! Her energy & light is infectious! I feel an incredible gift was bestowed on me, worth more than there are words to express!

Integrity ... SELF FIRST!!!!!! ”

“If a person or situation does not lift you higher, move up and away”

“Honor your body, give it what it needs”

“ Boundries are not 5D”

“ Karma is Low Vibration... learn to stay 5D every moment!”

“To BE open to the Upgrades in the NOW requires 5D frequency at ALL TIMES! There is no time for less.”

...and this is only a tiny sample!!!

Razzy brought my level of understanding to a higher level than I have ever imagined... the unfathomable, from here, is exciting beyond words!

In the words of Karen Carpenter...We’ve only Just Begun! ... I know I have and it feels incredibly remarkable!!!!

I encourage anyone called to her work to not wait a second more to reach out to her!

Every cell and molecule of light in my body thanks you Razzy!!!

W/Love in Peace,
Lisa Catherine

Lisa Catherine


Razzy and Randel have lived a story for the ages. They first got together in this lifetime in high school, and after being separated for over 30 years, found each other again with the knowing that they had a very important mission; to help the world awaken! They have been doing almost non-stop inner work for the past 8 years while also learning and and mastering many different modalities including mediumship, angel readings, several different Reiki doctrines,(including their own Kaminari Reiki) Dowsing from the Master, Raymon Grace, and Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy from Dolores Cannon! All of this has led them to this moment of now, and their very own modality, Quantum 5D! Using the Quantum 5D techiques, you are able to release old paradigms and move in Quantum living! 

Multidimensional living in the Quantum being of Now!